IAEM-SC Student Organization

IAEM-SC is the International Association of Emergency Managers-Student Chapter. The IAEM-SC at UNT was created by students interested in advancing the field of Emergency Management through the experience of practical education and the promotion of academic standards. IAEM-SC is a valuable networking resource for both students and alumni. We strive to provide opportunities for education, training, and experiences outside the regular curricula that enhance students' learning and understanding in the classroom and prepare them to enter the field.  IAEM-SC events have included:

  • Guest speakers from local, state, federal, and private sector emergency management

  • Site visits to FEMA Region 6 Headquarters, area Offices of Emergency Management/Emergency Operations Centers, public safety training facilities

  • Professional conferences, including IAEM-USA and the Texas Division of Emergency Management conferences

Although IAEM-SC is a professional organization, we like to have fun!  Joining IAEM-SC is easy. Contact us through email at iaemsc.northtexas@gmail.com.

Fall 2020 Officers
  • Angeline Ajit - President
  • Ilina Jayal - Vice President
  • Abby Marquez - Treasurer
  • Destiny Perez - Secretary
  • Kaleb Schannette - Outreach Liaison
  • Norma Mendez -
    Public Information Officer

Faculty Advisor